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Training the Older Adult (TOA)

Our Training Philosophy Broken Down 

TOA Philosophy 6th Generation (1 of 2).p
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A Letter to You - The "How" and "Why" Behind Our Training Method  
To Our Potentially New Community Member, 
I'd like to share with you the process in which we collect data, design a program and implement that program for you here inside the BSF Bunker. It all starts with an in-person or virtual strategy session in which we discuss all of your health history, injuries, physical limitations, surgeries, training objectives (training goals), current training routine and more. If needed, we will perform a movement observation (assessment) in which we will ask you to perform some daily life movements like a sit-to-stand, loaded transfer, band chest pulls, step ups and timed down-and-up from the floor. With the data collected from the strategy session and the movement observation (assessment) Robert creates a program designed specific to your needs and wants. Your program design will be built specifically for you to pursue and achieve your goals,
Above you will see my outline of daily-life functional movements in which we will train in the Bunker every session. These five (minimum) movements train you for 95 percent of the movements you will perform in your regular day-to-day actives. You will also see the large variety of exercises in which we have to pick from. These are progressions, regressions and modifications that we can make to each movement to fit you, your needs and your goals. This out line (featured above) is a great outline of how to train you however, the "art" of training is done with each session via giving you the right cue at the right time, the proper progression when you are exactly ready for it and the verbal encouragement needed at just the right moment to get you to work for and achieve exactly what it is that you are pursing. All of this, starts with strength, and thus is why we call our business Be "STRONGER" Fitness. Out title is what we do!
The first step toward achieving your goals starts with building a strong baseline of full body strength. Stronger bodies achieve more goals, no matter what the goal is, based on research supporting that stronger bodies are capable of doing more work without injury or fatigue. Basically, the stronger we get you the more likely you are to achieve your fitness based goals. (fat loss, injury prevention, pain reduction, sports performance, etc.). Our company motto is, "Movement Is Life." Meaning, the more efficient and comfortable we can help you become at moving the more quality of life you will achieve. Those with health bodies, limited or no underlying health issues, that are strong, capable and able to perform movements confidently and with limited or no pain experience a much great "Quality of Life," when compared to their counterparts. 
At the BSF Bunker, we want to do EVERYTHING we can to assist you in achieving a higher "Quality of Life." We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and want to thank you ahead of time for giving us the chance to show you what we can do. Thank you for you time and we hope to see you soon!
C. (916) 955-1586
E. robertlinkul@gmail.com