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Private and Semi-Private Training

 STRENGTH - Semi-Private Training Sessions

The development of our STRENGTH training program has been 15 years in the making and is the foundation for which our business is built! This program design has been researched, tested and dialed in to be the most effective and efficient way of training for maximal strength gains. No Bulking going on here, if your goal is to be healthy and STRONG then this is the group for you!

STABILITY & CONDITIONING - Semi-Private Training Sessions

At BSF we believe that strength training is the foundation to all physical accomplishments. That mission statement rings true in our STABILITY AND CONDITIONING training sessions in the form of volume based programming that utilizes intervals to increase cardiac output. Our muscular CONDITIONING program design will transfer perfectly to any endurance based activity or recreational sport in which you participate in. 

Activities Of Daily Living PLUS (ADL+) - Semi-Private Training Sessions

We want to help all of you be STRONGER than Yesterday! Join us for a workout specifically focused on increasing your ability to perform your activities of daily living (ADL). We will focus on increasing your strength, coordination, stability, mobility and implement tracking skills as well as improve your posture. Fall prevention and balance are two areas of focus we will address  everyday as we know how important it is for you to keep moving safely. 

SKI STRONG- Semi-Private Training (fall & winter)

We all love the snowly slopes but they can be unforgiving at times. Keep your knees, ankles, hips and back healthy, mobile, stable and STRONG all winter long! Join Robert at your usual workout time but participate in this years #SkiSTRONG program design.  

GOLF STRONG -Semi-Private Training Sessions

Looking to improve your golf game? Kick things off with our new program design at BSF!

This program design is focused specifically on increasing all the components of your golf game including power production, balance, coordination, mobility, stability, range of motion and more!! Participants have a special emphasis placed on developing glute, hip and lower back strength, stability and mobility. This ultimately will produce more power leading to more yardage with your same golf swing.

EDUCATION -Fitness Education Seminars

After 15 years of training here in Sacramento we have seen a wide variety of health concerns, body mechanics questions and fitness inquires that seem to trend among our clients. To assist in delivering the answers to these fitness hot topics we have created a series of seminars to take an in-depth look into each area of focus. From timed interval training to the anatomy of the lower back and all things in-between, we will eventually cover it all! Complimentary with your Be STRONGER Fitness membership, these seminars allow you and a guest the opportunity to learn even more about your body, health and fitness program. 

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