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Welcome! While we are all stuck in our homes and away from the gym, we have created a community where we can all get strong and keep moving! Be STRONGER Fitness, a personal training studio in Sacramento, CA which specializes in training the older adults (50+) has launched a new Online Home Training program.

Robert Linkul, MS NSCA-CPT*D has been training in Sacramento and with the older population for over 20 years. Over that time he has developed the TOA Method focusing on the top five movement patterns important to complete each day to stay strong and keep moving well and pain free as we age.


Our head personal trainer John Thomas, BS NSCA-CPT*D brings over 10 years of experience working with those with limitations and training goals to develop their strength, stability and overall performance.  


It would be our pleasure to assist you in starting a new In-Home Online training program that is designed for you in a "semi-personal" format based on your training purpose and your current physical limitations. 

Getting Started!!

Register at the link below for the Online Home Training program to complete your online payment option and create your profile (user name and password).


Within 24 hours a member of our team will contact you to schedule a virtual strategy session and initial interview. During this interview we will review your health history, physical limitations, training purpose (goals) and a movement observation assessment. At the conclusion of this session our team member will place you into one of our Online Home Training programs. 



You are ready to workout! Head to the website and select your workout video. If you have questions, let us know! 

We've got you covered!!



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