Member Highlights

Judith Malkasian

Judith and Bert Competed at the Festival of Gypsies in September. A HUGE congratulations on their halter wins! Bert won his gelding class, Gelding Championship AND the Reserve Champion of Champions! Well done Bert and Judith!

Patrick Bakerjian

Congratulations international long drive champion Patrick Bakerjian on his win with team USA at the International Long Drive Championship in Mexico!! He also took the International 2nd place finish as well!! Way to go Patrick!!! His best this year?? 470 yards!!! 

Congratulations international long drive USA champion Patrick!!

Deirdre Harris and Emily Brown

Emily Brown and Deirdre Harris competed in their first WABDL World Championship in Las Vegas! They both finished extremely well in the bench press, deadlift and overall.


With setting a new PR in the deadlift at 242 lbs and the bench press at 159 lbs; Emily took home second in all categories.


Deirdre reached a new PR in the deadlift at 209 lbs and tied her bench press PR at 110 lbs. She received first place in all her categories.

We are extremely proud of these two ladies and our BSF Powerlifting Team!


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